Accommodation Services

We are offering accommodation services to you, our valued customers, in the areas very near to the exhibition venues. In the city, you are going to participate in a fair organization or you are going to organize a launch meeting, you may experience a comfortable stay if you stay in the hotels we are working with. You can relax and forget your fatigue if you stay in a hotel that would meet your expectation of comfort, in the rooms particularly prepared for you. Within the scope of our accommodation services, we are working with only the hotels that offer a quality and proper hotel services.

Working Principles

We never compromise our working principles for the stand installation.

Investigation of the infrastructure and conditions of the area, where the stand will be installed.
Sizing, designing and modeling the planned stand.
Installation of the stand, if the analysis, planning, and model of the stand are approved.
Sales of the installed stand and support services.

We are taking into consideration and planning all the details so that you can enjoy a comfortable fair experience. You can benefit from our services for accommodation in the areas very near to the exhibition area and in the hotels that will fulfill your expectation of comfort at the highest level. We offer you a choice of suitable hotels, which you can only give you an exclusive service. You can also benefit from our transportation services along with the accommodation services.

Certainly, it is very crucial to be able to relax and rest at the end of the day so that you can continue your promotion activities at the fairs. Hence, we are only offering you the hotels and accommodation options that would ensure a comfortable stay. Thus, you do not need to search for a hotel for receiving various services so that you can rest in a shorter time. We are thinking of all the details for you and we are handling the hotel bookings.

Within the scope of our services that we provide in Turkey and abroad, you can benefit from our accommodation services for any fair you will attend in any area of the world. In addition to staying near to the exhibition area, you will not lose time for researching the exclusive and proper accommodation options that would fulfill your expectations. We are able to identify the most suitable hotels for you, and our experienced staff completes the necessary procedures.

Hence, we are the right solution partner for the transportation from the exhibition area to the hotel and vice versa. We can effortlessly present to you the transportation options and we can ensure that you can comfortably benefit from the transportation service in a short time. In addition, you can benefit from our accommodation services not only for the fairs but for corporate organizations and launch meetings. We offer you the opportunity to rest at the most exclusive hotels at the most affordable prices. Please contact us for more information.