Wooden Stand
Exhibition Stand Design

Among all stand types, the wooden stands are distinguished since they create a warm atmosphere and you will be distinguished in every fair organization that you are attending. We have various wooden stand models that are suitable for your company prestige. We offer different kinds of wooden stands, which are distinguished by their durable construction and modern appearance. In addition, we are offering many color options for the wooden stands.

Working Principles

We never compromise our working principles for the stand installation.

Investigation of the infrastructure and conditions of the area, where the stand will be installed.
Sizing, designing and modeling the planned stand.
Installation of the stand, if the analysis, planning, and model of the stand are approved.
Sales of the installed stand and support services.

If you want to impress your audience at the first glance, we recommend you to choose from our wooden stand models. The wooden stand models that look prestigious and distinguished among the modular stand models, would be the ideal choice to get distinguished among your competitors.

We offer you the opportunity to examine many wooden stand models with various designs and colors. Our wooden stand models, which are very aesthetic allow you displaying your products or to host your guests. Among the alternatives, there are models particularly designed for promoting your services.

Our optional and economical stand implementations can create the desired effect at the maximum level with the accurate lighting options. With our wooden stand models, you can promote your products while you are hosting your guests. Our wooden stand models clearly reflect the warm feeling of the wood. We highly recommend you to review our wooden stand models in square or rectangular form.

For demonstrating your vision to the participants of the fair, you may request the decoration service from our expert teams. Our teams, which closely follow domestic and foreign fairs, can reflect their experience in the decoration project they will prepare for you. After reviewing our wooden stand models, please contact us to find out more about our decoration services.